Game video data on calls in games

We are trying to create a database of calls in game videos, to help people learn the rules better. If you’d like to help with this, please add the URL and the time stamp of where the call occured in it, to our DB.

On a Desktop/Laptop browser

If you are watching the video on a latptop, you can use the bookmarklet. Drag and drop the link below (Capture Call) to your bookmarks bar.

Capture Call

When you wish to make a note about a call that you are watching on YouTube, you can click on the bookmarklet (while you are in the video tab), enter some information, and click submit. The data will get automatically submitted. This opens a new tab, that you can close and continue watching the video.

On other devices

Unfortunately, on other devices, you will have to manually enter this data into this Google sheet.