TIKS League — Masala Idli

League Schedule

Date 6:05 – 6:50 am 6:55 - 7:40 am
Aug 5 1 vs. 2 3 vs. 4
Aug 19 2 vs. 4 1 vs. 3
Aug 26 U24 camp Ganesh Chaturthi
Sep 2 Washed out Washed out
Sep 9 Washed out Washed out
Sep 16 1 vs. 4 2 vs. 3
Sep 23 1 vs. 3 2 vs. 4
Sep 30 Chennai Heat Chennai Heat

1: Hubba Hubba, 2: GST, 3: Discpickable Us 3, 4: Force Four

The schedule is tentative and is subject to change, as the league progresses. Captains will be notified of any changes.

Scores and Points table

Hubba Hubba 9 1 GST
Discpickable Us 3 6 9 Force Four
GST 4 8 Force Four
Hubba Hubba 5 9 Discpickable Us 3
Hubba Hubba 4 7 Force Four
GST 8 8 Discpickable Us 3

Moments and memories

League format and Rules

Games will use the WFDF 2017 rules for the tournament.
The game will be played until one of the team scores 9 points.
Time cap
The time cap occurs after 40 minutes of game time, if the target has not been reached. At the time cap, play continues till the completion of the current point. If no team has reached the target (9), one goal is added to the highest score to determine the time cap target. Play continues until one of the teams reaches this time cap target.
Half time
There will be no half-time during the games.
Time outs
Each team has one time out of 2 minutes per game. The time cap does not affect the number of time outs available to teams.
A team must have one designated captain and one designated spirit captain per game.
Teams are encouraged to get all of their players to take the WFDF standard accreditation, at least by the end of August. Points will be awarded to teams for this.
Teams & Time
Both teams are required to have 7 players on the line at the designated start time.
  • Teams are given a grace period of 2 minutes to start the game.
  • At the end of 2 minutes, if a team cannot have 7 players on the line, they lose a time-out.
  • After that, for a delay of every two minutes, a team concedes 2 points to the other team (assuming they have their 7 players on the line).
  • If both teams do not have 7 players, on the line, one point is cut from the target (9 goals), for every two minutes.
  • At the end of 20 minutes, if a team has not fielded 7 players, they must forfeit the game. If both teams were offending, they will both record a loss in the points table.
  • The next scheduled game will begin 5 minutes later. Teams playing the second game are expected to line up by 6:30 am if the first game gets forfeited. Please reach the field accordingly.
Time between pulls
Teams are encouraged to start the next point as quickly as they can. Rush back to the end-zone after each point, and aim to start within 75 seconds after a point has started. These rules may be enforced, as we progress through the league.
Gender ratio (men:women)
The squads/teams have been divided to have a ratio of somewhere in between 5:2 and 4:3, based on the number of sign-ups. Ideally, we would like a 4:3 or even 3:4 ratio, but based on the turnout on a given day, the captains can agree to play 5:2. Teams are also encouraged to play 4:3 against a 5:2 line, if the players are happy to do so.

Points will be awarded to teams in the following categories 1. TIKS league: - Win/Loss - Best Spirit - Best Play 2. “Ulti-MATE” - individual event when your team is not playing - Hitting the cone (any throw) - Longest Huck - Longest Pull - few more to come … 3. “friEND-ZONEd” - team event post both the games - Most pushups with High Five in a minute (2 people) - Relay between cones (4 people) - 40 yard dash carrying a team member (2 people) - many more to come …


See the Pen TIKS Leage — Masala Idli Edition by Puneeth Chaganti (@punchagan) on CodePen.