The Ultimate Player Association of India and Bangalore Ultimate present USHA BUO 2017!

The UPAI Tour is only beginning to get interesting, and Bangalore welcomes all of India’s competent Ultimate Frisbee teams to the annual Bangalore Ultimate Open.

Tournament Format

Pools, seedings and full schedule are available here

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  • WFDF 2017 Rules will be followed.
  • 75 minutes, game to 15, 2 min half at 8 goals. 3 time-outs per team per game, max 2 in any half.
  • Championship length: 100 minutes, game to 15, 7 min half at 8 goals, 2 time-outs per team per half
  • When time is up, finish the point then reduce points target to (but never exceed 15)
  • If your oppoenent is late, please get 7 people on the line and be ready to play. From that point, give the other team 5 min grace, and then award your team 1 point per minute the other team is late. You must make a significant effort to find the team you are meant to be playing. If there has been a mistake by the TD that delayed them then do NOT claim points (the team misreading the schedule does not count as a TD mistake)


  • Spirit scoring will be done online
  • All players must have standard accreditation
  • Spirit captains must have advanced accreditation. For kids teams, the moderators need to have the same.
  • YUWA is the spirit partner for Usha BUO 2017. They are providing all the teams with spirit gifts. Teams can choose to get spirit gifts of their own, to give along with the YUWA gifts.
  • Contact the tournament spirit directors in case of any further queries


The venue for the tournament is Jain International Residential School.


  • The venue has 9 fields in all and below is the layout of the fields Field Plan

  • Cleats are not allowed on Fields 1, 2 (Cricket field) & 3 (Hockey field). Play barefoot, in trainers or in regular shoes.

Food and Drink

  • Jain International Residential School will provide all of us with some incredibly tasty food during the tournament.
  • Breakfast is ₹80 (8 am to 9.30 am) and Lunch is ₹100. (1 pm to 2.30 pm) - a total of ₹180 per day, per player.
  • You can either pay now or pay on the days you want to eat at the venue.
  • Water will be available at the venue, but please BYOB (Bring your own bottles).
  • Bananas and Ice will be available at the venue


  • Registration fees has already been received for players in the initial rosters of teams.

  • In case of any changes in the rosters, teams should contact the TDs/Finance team to settle any differences in the amounts. The TDs leave it to the teams to do so in good faith.


  • Keeping to Ultimate tradition, USHA BUO 2017 will have a party on Saturday evening at Urban Woods (close to Elim Resorts).
  • We’re having a Pyjama Party! All you fancy people can come dressed, obviously, but bonus points if you actually wear your PJs and turn up.
  • There will be drinks and food but only those over 21 can chug those alcoholic liquids.
  • Entry to the party will cost you guys ₹500 and it’ll include food and the incredible time you’re sure to have.
  • STRENGTH OF THE PACK - a feature length documentary about the first officially selected Indian National team that represented the country at the World U23 Ultimate championships in 2015 - is premiering on 8th July, 6.30pm (before the party starts) at Urban Woods.
  • Please approach the registration desk on day-1 of the tournament.

Contact information

Contact information has been removed post-event. Please get in touch with us through our Facebook page, or through friends in the Ultimate community.